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Acronym Description
MSC Mine Sweeper, Coastal
MSC Manned Spacecraft Center
MSC Major Subordinate Commands; Medical Service Corps; Military Sealift Command; Mean Sea Level; Mission Support Center
MSC Military Sealift Command (USN)
MSC Medical Services Corps
MSC-BC Mobile Switching Center - Base Center
MSC-VBR Multi-mode Source Controlled Variable Bit-Rate
MSCA Military Support to Civil Authority
MSCC Modeling and Simulation Coordination Center (now MSOSA)
MSCCTF Modeling and Simulation Coordination Center Task Force
MSCID Mobile Switching Center Identification
MSCIN Mobile Switching Center Identification Number
MSCM Multispectral Countermeasures
MSD Material Support Date
MSD Modem Sharing Device
MSD Most Significant Digit
MSD Master Slave Determination
MSD Minimum Significant Difference
MSD Mine Sweeping Drone
MSD Mass Storage Device
MSD Mine Safety Distance
MSDDB Master Seafloor Digital Data Base
MSDDC Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
MSDN Multi Service Data Network
MSDOS MicroSoft Disk Operating System
MSDOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
MSDP Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
MSDS Mission Specific Data Sets
MSDS Modular Ship Defense System
MSDS Master Simulation Data System
MSE Mobile Subscriber Equipment
MSE Mean Squared Error
MSE Major Subordinate Element
MSE Mobile Service Equipment
MSE Multiple Simulation Excercise
MSE Main Staff Element
MSE Mobile Subscriber Equipment (USA)
MSE-TRITAC Mobile Subscriber Equipment-Tri-Service Tactical Terminal
MSEA Modeling and Simulation Executive Agent
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